Ladies Luncheon 2019

This year's Ladies Luncheon was sold out and was a HUGE SUCCESS.

Our two celebrity guests speakers ( Sally Campher & Ingrid Paulus ) left us truly inspired and somewhat emotional with the knowledge and experiences that they shared.

We thank all the guests ( that attended ) and all the sponsors,  for always being there and enabling us to raise funds, awareness and acceptance  for  AUTISM.

Looking forward to seeing you all next year.  

Ink-A-Thon 2018

An Ink-A-Thon is an event based around a different charity every year. It is a collaboration between tattoo artists and tattoo studios.  The end goal of an Ink-A-Thon is to raise funds and awareness for a different charity each year, giving tattoo artists and studios a platform to give back using their artistic abilities.

The Ink-A-Thon also allows, you, the public to get inked by some of SA's most sought after tattoo artists, whilst supporting an amazing cause.

2018 Ink-A-Thon partnered up with The Puzzle Foundation SA in order to raise awareness around Autism in South Africa. An invisible and often ignored condition in this country.

Thank you to all of the Tattoo Artists around the country that got involved in this special cause. We are so proud and excited that we had so many of you willing to be give of your time to The Puzzle Foundation S.A. and to help us raise awareness for Autism.


Thank you to all of the people that joined in on the day and got yourselves Inked.

Ladies' Luncheon 2017

After the success of our First Annual Ladies Luncheon in 2016, The Puzzle Foundation SA decided to host and make this an annual event. Ladies penciled in Saturday 4 November 2017 for another morning filled with good food, awesome goodie bags and lots of lucky draw prizes. The event took place at the beautiful Fabulously Farmish venue in Randfontein.


Once again, we had a long list of amazing sponsors and we wouldn't have been able to host this event without all of them supporting us.


We would like to thank Claire Allen from the GED for her very informative speech, helping us all understand and make us more aware of Autism and the needs of children diagnosed with Autism.

Barnyard Theatre


On the 27 May 2017 The Puzzle Foundation S.A. hosted a Barnyard Theatre, Cresta, Fundraiser for the show "DIVAS THAT ROCK" to raise awareness of Autism and to raise funds for our foundation. It was a huge success.


Thank you to everyone that attended the evening in support of The Puzzle Foundation S.A. and to The Barnyard Theatre, Cresta, for hosting us.

Autism Day Market 2017

On 1 April 2017 The Puzzle Foundation SA celebrated World Autism Day by hosting and coordinating a fun filled day in the form of a market.


Proceeds from the Market Day went to our fundraising efforts. Thank you to every vendor that got involved with selling their merchandise on the day, and for each of the people that came through to support.


Not only did we raise funds, but we created awareness and acceptance of Autism, the most important goal for the foundation.


Thank you to West Rand School for allowing up the opportunity to make use of your school's facilities and for everything you assisted with up to and on the day of the Market. We appreciate every helping hand in making the event so successful.

Ladies' Luncheon 2016

Our first Ladies Luncheon was held on the 5th November 2016 at Shiloh venue in Krugersdorp. It was a great morning out for all the ladies supporting our fundraising efforts. Each ticket sold included a jam packed goodie bag, lots of lucky draw prizes, and a delicious lunch prepared by Rene from Shiloh. Rene went above and beyond with the arrangements and planning that was needed for the day.


We would also like to thank Vicky Lamb from Autism South Africa for your special talk about Autism, and how the Autism South African organisation works. The beautiful photographs taken on the day were from Lemon Tree Photography, thank you Su-Mari for your contribution.


Thank you to all of the sponsors for your donations for the special day.

Neon Fun Run 2016

On the 30th September 2016, The Puzzle Foundation SA in association with Jackal Creek Gym, held our first ever kiddies Neon Fun Run at Jackal Creek Estate. From the tiny tots to the tremendous teens, we had participants from all ages. Everyone had a fantastic evening, supporting our very important cause "Kids with Autism". Each child received an awesome drawstring goodie bag which included various snacks, a puzzle, glow in the dark sticks and a medal for their participation.


A big thank you to all our sponsors who were involved with this initiative and without you this day would not have been possible.

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